Our website has had a glow up

As a regular visitor to our site, you may have noticed things have changed. We are very excited to share our new website with you. 

As The Practitioner Company, our practitioners are central to everything we do, and redesigning our website was no exception. Our mission was to create a website that not only had a fresh, modern look and feel, but one that was more user friendly. We know that as busy practitioners, your time is precious. Helping you find the products, education and resources you need more efficiently is better for you, your business and your patients. 

We listened to your feedback, focusing on solving your major pain points across four key areas:

Fresh new design, optimised layout and navigation

Better product browsing and ordering functionality

Quick and easy access to education and resources

Improved Patient Ordering and prescription process

Existing website users please reset your password

If you have used the BioMedica website before you will need to reset your password before you can log in and enjoy all of the imporovements we have made. Simply, click on the Sign in button in the top right corner. Then click Forgot your password?, following the prompts to reset your password. 

If you would like visual instructions on resetting your password, click the below links:

Video guide

PDF guide

Here's more detail about the changes we've made

You’ve visited our website with a task in mind, we’ve tried to make that easier
One of the most obvious changes you’ll notice is that the design has been updated with a fresh, modern look. But it's not all about the pretty pictures, a good website should also be easy to navigate and user friendly, ultimately allowing  the user to efficiently complete the action that brought them there in the first place.

> Added 3 intuitive new dashboards

Account dashboard


  • Purchase products and manage your invoices
  • Access your Patient Ordering overview
  • Update your account information and Find a Practitioner profile
  • Find out the latest BioMedica updates
  • Connect directly to your Practitioner Consultant

Resource Library dashboard

  • Keep up to date with our latest education
  • Search our entire library of free resources and events
  • Quick links take you to our popular Conditions Index and Prescribing guides

My Learning dashboard

  • Create a customised and individualised learning experience
  • Keep track of your favourite resources, event registrations and replays and CPE attainments.


> More simplified navigation

  • New intuitive menu structure and site layout helps you quickly and easily find what you need. 

Amplified action buttons

  • Prominently placed buttons for commonly performed actions to boost efficiency.

Added transparency with more information available before login

  • Visitors can learn more about BioMedica, who we are and how we support better health, helping them to make more informed decisions about partnering with us.

Browse and purchase products faster than ever before
We know that the most common reason for practitioners to visit our website is to purchase or find out information about products so we have adapted our e-commerce experience with this in mind. Our new website is now more seamless and intuitive, whether you are just browsing, shopping or researching. 

> Easier to browse our product range

  • Product descriptions now visible in the catalogue view, providing at a glance details about product use and features.
  • Improved filtering makes it easier to narrow down and search for what you need.

> Improved product navigation

  • More intuitive product pages display easy to find product information, downloads and interactions checker, giving you even more prescribing confidence.

> Prescribe with greater confidence

  • Elevated product images show the contents of the bottle and sizes of solid dosage formats for more transparent and informed prescribing.

> Create My Favourites for fast repeat orders

  • Do you have firm BioMedica favourites? Add these products to your “My Favourites” shortlist. Quickly and easily add these products to your cart from the same page.

> Seamless checkout

  • Simplified checkout layout helps you quickly complete your transactions.

The clinical tools and educational resources you want, when you need it
Continued learning is key for practitioner development and clinical outcomes. We have re-imagined our resource and event libraries for fast and easy access to all things education.

> New Resource Library

  • Search our entire FREE Resource Library to quickly find the exact resources you need, via your chosen keyword.
  • Handy quick-links take you straight to the Conditions Index, Ingredients Index, Latest Resources and Prescribing Guides.

> Keep your favourite resources close to hand

  • Save time and effort by adding the resources you love and regularly use to your My Learning dashboard.

> Dedicated Events Library

  • Browse Featured Events, register for upcoming events or access our back catalogue in the Event Library.
  • The newly redesigned Library can now be searched and filtered by category, presenter and price.

> User friendly Blog 

  • Improved blog layout with filter and search function to find the topic you’re interested in.
  • Easily share to your socials or via email.

Improved Patient Ordering now gives you the freedom and flexibility to prescribe your way
The BioMedica Patient Ordering service provides busy practitioners and patients with a dispensary management solution option that is both cost effective and convenient. We have listened to your feedback and delivered features to make this a more convenient, intuitive and user friendly experience. 

> Direct access to Patient Ordering via your welcome dashboard

  • Easily access patient ordering from your Account dashboard.
  • Your new patient ordering overview and notifications centre to help keep track of patient activity.

> Create prescriptions with greater flexibility and transparency

  • Enhanced prescription creation process now has new features, as requested by you;
  • Simple patient set up allows you to quickly create customer profiles and prescriptions within your consultation.
  • Save draft prescriptions to complete at a later time.
  • Edit prescriptions, even after you have shared them with your patients for greater prescribing flexibility.
  • Duplicate prescriptions to easily create repeats for patients, saving you time.
  • Recommended dose now auto-populates but can also be edited for individualised prescribing.
  • A handy notes field allows for additional patient instruction or information.
  • Easily set pricing, offer discounts and automatically calculate profit per prescription so you have greater transparency over your profitability.
  • Buy prescribed products on behalf of the patient behalf or email them the prescription to purchase themselves. 

> Improved ability to manage your client base

  • Effectively organise your patient list by archiving inactive patients.
  • Easily monitor patient prescription status and follow up on unfulfilled scripts 
  • Effortless two-way communication helps promote return custom as your patient can easily request a repeat whentheir prescription runs out.