The BioMedica Difference

BioMedica was founded over 20 years ago as 'The Practitioner Company' with a sole purpose of supporting clinicians. We are focussed on remaining the premier 'Strictly Practitioner Only' company, and in doing so, support practitioners in clinical practice to develop and strengthen their business. We are committed to the viability of natural healthcare practitioners and the wellbeing of their patients'. 

BioMedica subscribes to the core naturopathic principles as fundamental to success in clinical practise. We pride ourselves on being a true in-clinic partner and have built our business on principles that reflect the needs of our practitioner community. 

A high quality range, available exclusively via practitioner prescription

Fundamental reasons why practitioners choose to prescribe BioMedica products are: product design excellence, clinical relevance, quality, and efficacy. Our low-to-no excipient range is thoughtfully designed by practitioners for practitioners, with naturopathic prescribing philosophy at the core, which addresses the underlying drivers of pathology. Our products are based on clinical need, not marketing fads. The importance of a thorough holistic consultation from an appropriately trained practitioner and using high-quality supplements as part of an individualised support plan, has and will always remain our driving force. Working together, we look forward to enhancing your patients’ lives by combining our brand and your skill. 

We are strongly committed to our strict, non-negotiable sales policy, which ensures BioMedica products remain exclusively available on natural healthcare practitioner prescription only. This is mutually beneficial to both practitioner and patient. 

A prescription for a BioMedica product, strengthens the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, delivering the best model of care. 

Education and technical support focused on tangible clinical outcomes

Part of our commitment to growing the standing of our profession and supporting practitioners is our focus on developing and expanding the technical support, educational resources and practice enhancing tools that we offer. Proudly, practitioners have come to rely on and trust BioMedica for technical and educational support of the highest integrity with a single-minded focus on tangible clinical outcomes.

BioMedica's education is designed to build prescribing confidence and knowledge, educate and inspire; our goal is to promote clinical education from an unbiased position. BioMedica events are delivered by a range of experienced clinicians who balance the latest in scientific understanding with clinical context, leaving event delegates with immediately applicable and practical support strategies.   

We offer many of our events, plus our entire technical resource library at no cost to our practitioner community. Ranging from literature reviews and technical sheets, to clinical charts and infographics, we have materials to suit all learning styles on a wide variety of topics. Taking the hard work out of keeping up-to-date with the latest evidence based strategies is one way we support our practitioners, so they can focus on better supporting their patients. 

We also invest in, support and promote original research in complementary medicine to expand the evidence base and drive legitimacy of our profession. 

Service levels and practice enhancing tools designed around the need of health practitioners

BioMedica is your collaborative, in-clinic partner and proud to deliver a number of practice enhancing initiatives for the busy practitioner. 

Seamless and profitable dispensary management

Via our patient billing platform, we offer a profitable and seamless dispensary management service, providing you with access to our wide array of premium quality formulations without the need to carry a full product dispensary. 

Easy ordering and fast delivery

A convenient and intuitive eCommerce experience makes ordering effortless, while next-day delivery ensures practitioners and patients have their product, when they need it. 

Confident herb-drug-nutrient prescribing

BioMedica practitioners can prescribe in confidence with 24-hour access to an independently validated drug-herb-nutrient interactions checker, IMgateway, conveniently located on each product page.