your path
to practitioner

We understand that students are the future of our profession. 

This is why we are committed to nurturing our next generation by making student life and your journey to becoming a practitioner, just that little bit easier.

We want you to become a confident, experienced and competent practitioner. If you’re enrolled in an eligible course, register with BioMedica as a student practitioner. We partner with you to keep you informed of industry news, share FREE technical and prescribing resources and invite you to join us for inspiring and educational events. Prepare for life after graduation now, by consolidating your studies with insights that will help translate your current learnings into clinical relevance.

Benefits of joining our student community

Online student ordering* (Australian clinic students only).

A free comprehensive clinically relevant resource library

Access to an array of events that educate and inspire

Receive emails to help build your industry and product knowledge

Connect with our fully qualified practitioner technical support team

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