Why Practitioner Only

Our products are just a part of the healing puzzle

We believe that herbs and nutrients have their place in the healing journey, but taking any supplement without viewing health holistically won't produce the most effective long-term health outcomes. We are often asked why our products are not available on retail shelves and can only be accessed via the prescription of a qualified natural healthcare practitioner, after a consultation.

There are several reasons why we operate a strict practitioner-only policy:

One size does not fill all

A fundamental principle of holistic medicine is that each person is different and must be treated with consideration of their differences. Just because a particular product or practice has worked for someone else, does not necessarily mean it will be right for you. You are unique and a natural health practitioner is trained to offer personalised guidance, tailored to your individual needs.

Self-prescription can be costly to your wallet as well as your health

Natural medicines are not all necessarily safe for everyone and your practitioner is best placed to advise what products are best for you. Self-prescription can lead to products being taken unnecessarily which is wasteful to your wallet. It can also result in unwanted side effects, health complications or interference with other medications being taken, doing more harm to your health than good. 

The cause of your ill-health may not be obvious

To achieve optimum health outcomes the aim is not to simply mask the symptoms, but to identify and treat the underlying cause of illness – which can sometimes be difficult to identify. Think of your practitioner like a detective, tasked with tracking down the cause of your ill-heath. This requires a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances, which is best achieved in a formal consultation with your practitioner. 

Patient-practitioner relationships are key

It can be hard to stay motivated and focussed when the road to full health is longer than you hoped. Your practitioner is there to support you along the way in making positive and lasting change. When purchasing a retail product, the relationship ends with a completed transaction but the ongoing guidance from your practitioner can be the difference between reaching your goals and not.