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A premium quality range, with the assurance of a professional prescription 

Have you ever stood in a vitamin aisle, overwhelmed by choice? Are your health needs complex and you don’t know where to start? Do you know what the underlying cause of your health concern is? Are the supplements you are taking giving you temporary relief, but aren’t truly addressing the root cause? We hear you! With our brand and your practitioners skill, we are here to support you on your health journey.

Our premium quality products are available exclusively through healthcare practitioners only. When combined with the right professional skill, a prescription of a BioMedica product forms a key part of your healing puzzle, it is part of a personalised regime, designed to address your specific health needs. This is holistic wellness at its best.

BioMedica not only provides products with health benefits, but so much more

A premium quality, Australian owned practitioner-only range

Formulated by practitioners, using the highest quality raw ingredients, at therapeutic doses for best clinical outcomes

Thoughtfully curated products with NO-to-LOW excipients

The confidence of a healthcare professional prescription, tailored specifically to your needs

The convenience of our patient billing service (your practitioner must set up your account)

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