Our Formulation Philosophy

Products designed by clinicians, for clinicians

BioMedica’s formulations are unique, considered and stand apart as they draw on many years of clinical experience. Developed by practitioners, for practitioners our formulations combine extensive clinical experience with rigorous scientific research. BioMedica considers the needs of both practitioner and patient, ensuring we deliver the most relevant and effective formulations. As our formulations often possess multiple clinical applications in the one product, this results in wider and better clinical responses with fewer products. This, combined with a focus on flexible formats, no-to-low excipients and low allergenic ingredients reduces compliance barriers for patients; because we know that the best supplements are the ones our patients will take.

Flexible Dosage Formats

The vast majority of the BioMedica range is formulated into vegetable capsules or powders. This allows us to uphold our no-to-low excipient policy and provides flexible dosing and prescribing options for practitioners. The many powders in the BioMedica range can easily be added to smoothies, juices and other beverages to improve compliance, whilst our low excipient vegetable capsules can easily be opened providing further dosing delivery options.

Purity and Quality

BioMedica is committed to providing the highest standard of quality and purity when it comes to product ingredients. To us, quality is paramount to professionalism, and both practitioners and patients deserve the best.

Our quality assurance team meticulously sorts through the maze of raw material options assessing efficacy, absorption, form, stability and numerous other important considerations. We also only source the highest quality herbal extracts; which are independently authenticated and stringently analysed for heavy metals, aflatoxins, pesticides, microbes and solvent residue.

No-to-Low Excipient

From our companys inception, we have had a no-to-low excipient policy and we are proud to say that this is still inplace today.

Binders, lubricants, coatings, and other excipients are commonly added during tablet manufacturing, with research suggesting that these have the potential to bind with the active ingredients in a tablet, altering the absorption site within the gastrointestinal tract. 

Stringent Production Standards

Your patients deserve the absolute best and as part of our undertaking on quality, we have committed to producing our products in Australia, with some necessary exceptions for Mood Fx (Canada), Ribraxx, Neurex and NKCP (Japan), plus Omega Ease (New Zealand).

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) standards are considered to be the most stringent worldwide and are set at a pharmaceutical level standard. Our listed products are produced in TGA licensed facilities, which are regularly audited for many things including cleanliness, air and water quality. Our products are checked at regular time stations during their shelf life to confirm that the level of actives is true to the label claim. All products in the BioMedica range are produced according to the exacting guidelines in Australia’s stringent ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) standards.

Vegan Friendly

Whenever possible we strive to produce vegan formulas, and apart from a small number of necessary exceptions, the majority of the BioMedica range is vegan. Proud of innovation in this regard, BioMedica produced Australia’s first vegan vitamin D spray, free from palm oil and preservatives. 

Clinical Efficacy

Extensive clinical experience plus rigorous research helps us establish not only the most appropriate ingredients for a particular product, but importantly the optimal therapeutic dose. BioMedica expertly combines ingredients to address the root cause of illness to promote true healing. 


The sustainability of the raw materials we source is another key part of our quality assurance process and selection criteria. From our herb selection through to fish oil, sustainability is a determining factor when formulating products in our range. We have and will continue to reformulate our products to remove endangered herbs. 


We take a great deal of care around the excipients we use or more to the point don’t use. Our quality assurance goes the extra step of examining the methods of extraction in the raw materials we select. Our manufacturers also test raw materials before they go into a product and again when they are in completed form. Our manufacturers test for actives, run microbial screens, heavy metal assays and of course stability through a spectrum of environmental conditions.