Ordering from our distributors

BioMedica has a network of distributors across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

Our distributors

In order to purchase the BioMedica range from our distributors, practitioners will be required to complete our Eligibility for BioMedica Nutraceuticals supply form and be approved for purchase. This is a requirement for each individual practitioner wishing to dispense BioMedica products, in order for BioMedica to assess eligibility to purchase our strictly practitioner only products. 

Eligibility for Supply Approval Process:

  • On receipt of the completed form/s, BioMedica will contact the practitioner/s, going through each requirement of BioMedica supply, ensuring a thorough understanding of our sales policy.
  • If the clinic/pharmacy has more than one practitioner, every practitioner wishing to recommend and sell BioMedica products will need to fill out an individual form, and send together before approval is given.
  • BioMedica, from time to time, will mystery shop the approved clinic/pharmacy. If our products are being sold in a manner not in-line with our policy, we/the relevant distributor will stop current and future supply from the clinic or pharmacy until further notice.
  • After the application for purchase has been approved by BioMedica, the form will be forwarded directly to your requested distributor, to enable the practitioner to order as soon as possible. 

We appreciate practitioners taking the time to complete our eligibility to purchase form. As a proudly Strictly Practitioner Only company, we are sure you can appreciate the extra requirements needed to ensure our products are being sold in-line with our sales policy, and therefore protecting your business.