50mL oral spray
Oxyguard 60 Capsules

Oxyguard 60 Capsules

ProFlora X 60 Capsules

ProFlora X 60 Capsules

Phyta D Spray 50ml

Vegan vitamin D3 oral spray

Phyta D is an innovation in liquid vitamin D prescribing. Australia's first practitioner only, all natural and highly concentrated, vegan vitamin D3 oral spray, is now available in pharmaceutical grade glass packaging.


  • 1000 IU of vegan vitamin D3

  • Free from lanolin, preservatives, flavouring, colouring and sweeteners

  • Convenient spray pack

  • Neutral taste for maximum patient compliance

  • Each 50ml glass bottle contains 277 doses

  • High-quality fatty acid and vitamin E base

  • Strictly Practitioner Only

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