Addressing complex post-viral immune dysfunction

L-theanine is a unique, functional amino acid, with a broad array of clinical applications. Tea (Camellia sinensis) is the most abundant dietary source of L-theanine, however the concentration varies widely depending on the variety of tea, its processing, freshness, growing temperature and season, and the expression of certain metabolism-related genes within the plant.

The known health benefits of L-theanine include powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, stress modulating, anxiolytic, antidepressant, and cognition enhancing effects, among others. Consequently, a plethora of studies have evaluated the use of isolated, purified and encapsulated L-theanine to support a range of stress, mood, sleep, cognitive, neurological, and immune related clinical presentations. In particular, Alphawave® is a clinically researched form of pure L-theanine, which has recently become available for use in TGA listed medicines.

In this Lunch and Learn session, practitioners will gain a broad understanding of the known mechanisms of action of L-theanine along with important clinical trial data to highlight its application in the clinical environment.

Join BioMedica’s Education Manager, Samuel Peters in this 30 minute Lunch and Learn session with live Q&A.

Our Expert Speaker

Samuel Peters

Samuel is the Education and Technical Manager at BioMedica, leading a growing and dedicated team of practitioners and researchers in the delivery of high quality educational material and technical support. Samuel is a degree-qualified naturopath who brings both clinical practice and post-graduate research experience to his role in education and practitioner technical support. Samuel has lectured nationally to a broad cross section of the healthcare industry, contributed nutrition and naturopathic articles to a variety of publications and has been a guest speaker at industry events. Samuel has always focused on taking a balanced view of healthcare, evaluating health trends for their clinical relevance and scientific rigour. His passion is assisting practitioners to stay abreast of the latest research to facilitate the delivery of optimal health outcomes. 

Date Wednesday 5 June 2024
Time 12.00pm (AEST) / 2.00pm (NZST)
Duration 30 minutes including Live Q&A
Event cost FREE

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the regulatory landscape for L-theanine and the recent changes to the TGA’s permissible ingredients determination
  • Understand the key therapeutic mechanisms of L-theanine including rapid transport across the blood-brain barrier, and increase of alpha brain waves
  • Understand the patient picture suited to L-theanine administration and effective dosing strategies
  • Identify key co-prescribing opportunities in specific clinical presentations for efficient and individualised prescriptions

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