ADHD diagnoses are sharply rising, especially in adults. Regardless of your chosen area of clinical practice, the likelihood you will be seeing ADHD clients is extremely high. 

We are proud to introduce our latest event, Adult ADHD: A functional roadmap for clinicians. A seminar roadshow designed to help clinicians broaden their understanding of neurodiversity and offer guidance on adapting and enhancing support strategies to cater to the needs of neurodivergent individuals.

Despite the prevalence and increased awareness of ADHD, the condition remains widely misunderstood, with individuals often facing stigma and discrimination. 

We welcome a new person-centered era that embraces neurodiversity, and recognises and celebrates the unique strengths, challenges, and perspectives of individuals with ADHD, rather than focus on correcting behaviours to align with neurotypical expectations. 

Our seminar content is designed to support practitioners in adapting to this person-centred approach. 

Our Expert Speakers

Our presenters bring with them a wealth of personal and professional experience in the area of neurodiversity.

Dr Michelle Livock
Session 1

Jules Galloway
Sessions 2-4

Tabitha McIntosh

Date Online. Recording available 9th October 2023.
Duration 4.25 hrs of learning
Webinar cost Recording $79.20 (incl. GST)

Key learning outcomes

> Session 1: An introduction to the neurobiology of ADHD | Michelle Livock

  • Understand the neurodiversity affirming paradigm and the social model of disability
  • Understand the core features of an ADHD brain and how these relate to the three diagnostic categories of ADHD
  • Learn how to screen for ADHD in your clients and what to do if ADHD is suspected
  • Strategies and factors to be aware of when working with ADHDers in a health context

> Session 2: What is ADHD? | Jules Galloway

  • How ADHD presents in adults and how it can vary between males and females
  • Why ADHD often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for decades
  • Common comorbidities to be on the lookout for in ADHDers
  • A guide to current medical treatments for ADHD and their effects

> Session 3: What drives ADHD symptoms? | Jules Galloway

  • The gut/brain axis and inflammation in ADHD
  • Nutritional imbalances and other underlying factors to consider
  • A guide to pathology testing
  • “Putting the fire out” and balancing the gut, for a calm mind and better neurotransmitter balance

> Session 4: Natural management of ADHD symptoms | Jules Galloway

  • Improving cognition, memory and focus
  • Management of common comorbidities
  • Working safely and effectively alongside stimulant medications
  • Natural alternatives to medications

Pricing policy (prices include GST):

  • Student Standard pricing for In-Person or Recording: $79.20
  • Practitioner price for Recording only: EB $63.20 or Standard $79.20

Registration closure dates:

  • Melbourne registration: Has now closed.
  • Brisbane registration closes: Has now closed.
  • Sydney registration closes: Has now closed.

Your investment includes

  • Studio quality recorded presentations, including Q&A for on-demand learning
  • Downloadable presentation notes
  • Access to handouts and resources
  • Certificate for 4.25 CPE points


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