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Student Access Account: For access to our website (excluding product ordering) please upload proof of your current enrolment in one of the approved fields of study.

Student Ordering Account: For access to our website and to order BioMedica products (for personal use only), please upload proof that you have commenced clinic training or are in your final year of study.

Practitioner Consultants

Vashti D'Vyne
NSW Practitioner Consultant

Sophia Tsenikidis
NSW Practitioner Consultant 

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Marina Howard
NSW Practitioner Consultant

Marleen Plate
VIC Practitioner Consultant

Maria Zafiropoulos
VIC Practitioner Consultant

Liza Brunell
QLD Practitioner Consultant

Michelle Luff
QLD Practitioner Consultant

Amelia Bradford
QLD Practitioner Consultant

Jodie Campbell
SA Practitioner Consultant

Summer Andrusiak
WA Practitioner Consultant
Lucy Peel
UK Practitioner Consultant 
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Eligibility for BioMedica Nutraceuticals Supply

Procedure, Policy and Declaration

BioMedica enforces a strict practitioner only policy to support clinicians and produce better health outcomes for the benefit of patients and the natural health industry overall.

  • We believe it is in the best interest of practitioners to support this policy, and in turn, assist us in building better standards in complementary medicine.
  • Our products are only available to bona-fide practitioners in a clinical setting.
  • BioMedica reserves the right to remove products where stored or sold inappropriately.
  • In order to be approved to purchase BioMedica products, please read and accept the conditions of supply below by ticking the box at each section.

*This section will need to be completed by all practitioners prescribing or selling BioMedica products. Students are also required to complete this section to ensure they are aware of our conditions of supply.

Please note: we are not able to accept applications from clinics/practitioners located or working within health food stores.

Conditions of Supply

You must read and agree to all conditions to continue

Additional Conditions of Supply - Pharmacy Only

Pharmacy only