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Key learning outcomes:

  • Treatment approach for chief complaints of perimenopause and menopause
  • Risk assessment tests and tracking of future disease
  • Review of the most common conventional interventions
  • Discuss risks and benefits of conventional HRT and bio-identical hormones
  • Review latest research on the most potent botanicals and nutraceuticals for menopausal symptoms management
  • Outline important lifestyle modifications for greater treatment success
  • Case management examples and sample protocols for common problems in menopause

Webinar synopsis:

The perimenopausal and menopausal period in a woman’s life is the result of numerous biological changes, resulting in symptoms that can range from mild to severe and debilitating. Symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, mood disturbances and altered sleep patterns, among others, significantly impair quality of life.

Since it is estimated that the perimenopausal period can last up to a decade, practitioners who have a solid understanding of this transition, the challenges it can present, and the available treatment options, are invaluable to the women looking for assistance during what can be a perplexing and ever-changing picture of constitutional, cognitive, urogenital, and aesthetic concerns. Additionally, the hormonal shifts of menopause can cause problems that are imperceptible to the patient.  Elevations in their risk of developing osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and other diseases of aging are vital to detect and monitor.

In addition to the ability to screen and detect these diseases, as natural medicine practitioners, we have several powerful evidence-based botanical and nutraceutical tools to assist women through the symptoms they experience. Additionally, the principles of Tolle Causum and Tolle Totum result in our ability to honour and address each unique symptom picture and guide our patients through the important diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that will help improve their treatment outcomes and quality of life.

About our presenter:

Dr Tamara Dickson ND-1.jpgDr. Tamara Dickson is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona and is currently the owner of Naturista- a multi-platform integrative medicine resource. She teaches Naturopathic medical students and continuing education courses for professionals at Bastyr University, is a founding member of the PsychANP, a council member on the GCRN in the UK, and is an international lecturer on Naturopathic Medicine.

As an experienced clinician, her focus is in the treatment of adult chronic disease management and women’s health; she strongly relies on principles of nutritional biochemistry, botanical medicine, and lifestyle modification to help her patients achieve their goals. She has obtained additional training certificates in NAET, nutrigenomics, oncology, and craniosacral therapy to meet the treatment needs and demands of her treatment population. Her eclectic combination of skills and experience in Naturopathic education allows for interesting and clinically rewarding seminars and materials for all practitioners.

Webinar details:

Duration: 90 minutes
CPE: 1.5 hours
Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2019
Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm (AEST)
Cost: $25 ex. GST

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