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Eligibility for BioMedica Nutraceuticals Supply

BioMedica is committed to supporting the holistic practitioner. As such, we have implemented a stringent sales policy whereby our products are only available to practitioners in a clinical setting. In order to be approved to purchase BioMedica products, practitioners are required to read and agree to the following conditions of supply.

Conditions of Supply:                                                                                             

  • Only the qualified health practitioner may recommend and sell BioMedica products.

  • Complete patient records are kept and filed.

  • The clinic/practitioner/pharmacy/student agrees to refuse sales to ‘walk in’ customers seeking BioMedica products without either a full consultation, or sighting a physical script from the customer and retaining a copy.

  • This agreement applies to the practitioner. The clinic/practitioner agrees to inform BioMedica in the event that the practitioner leaves the clinic or pharmacy, or any of the circumstances above that would change the status of this agreement.

  • The clinic/practitioner/pharmacy/student agrees to keep all BioMedica practitioner products out of public view and reach. This includes public display of products and product information online.

  • The clinic/practitioner/pharmacy/student agrees not to have BioMedica practitioner products available for public purchase on their website.

  • The clinic/practitioner/pharmacy/student is aware that in order to ensure our products are sold according to our sales policy, BioMedica representatives check and occasionally mystery shop all locations where BioMedica products are sold.

  • The practitioner implicitly agrees that BioMedica products will only be dispensed in a professional manner to an individual. Further, you understand that the products must not be resold, gifted or donated to any retail establishment or underqualified practitioner for the purpose of their further prescription or recommendation.

  • Additional Conditions of Supply for practitioners in pharmacy: Pharmacies must agree to only dispense BioMedica products on presentation of a professional prescription

  • Eligibility must be completed by all practitioners prescribing or selling BioMedica products.

  • BioMedica enforces our strict practitioner only policy to support clinicians and produce better health outcomes to the benefit of patients and the natural health industry overall. BioMedica reserves the right to remove products where stored or sold inappropriately.

  • A definition of practitioners who qualify for BioMedica Nutraceuticals Supply can be found here

    Please note: we are not able to accept applications from clinics/practitioners located or working within health food stores. BioMedica reserves the right not to supply competitors or those associated with competitor companies.