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BioMedica Patient Orders

BioMedica products are available by prescription only. Patients will only have access to BioMedica’s practitioner only products either following a full consultation or follow up consultation with a qualified practitioner, or alternatively if they have a prescription from a previous consultation.

Patient Accounts

Patient accounts are for those who have been prescribed BioMedica products by their practitioner, and who have also had a Patient Account created for them by their practitioner in order to use BioMedica’s online prescription service.


Patients must have had a Patient Account created for them by their practitioner.


  • Purchase prescribed BioMedica products online from your practitioner
  • Refill repeat prescriptions online

Patient Orders

If this is your first time using BioMedica’s online prescription service, you will have received an email confirming that your practitioner has created a Patient Account for you.

To activate your Patient Account and order the products that have been prescribed for you, please click on the link in the Patient Account Created email. If you have not received the Patient Account Created email from BioMedica, please check your email junk folder.

If you have previously used BioMedica’s online prescription service and already have a Patient Account, simply enter your login details in the patient sign in area located at the top right hand side of the screen. Once logged in go to My Prescriptions to order the products prescribed by your practitioner.

Developed to be convenient and simple to use, download the BioMedica’s Patient Ordering instructions below.

Download Instruction Sheet