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What we do for CAM


Supporting Practitioners

You have worked hard to become a health professional. We believe you deserve to be respected for your efforts. BioMedica is strongly dedicated to preserving and enhancing the role of the holistic practitioner. Our products are only sold to practitioners in a clinical setting.


Supporting Patients

There is no doubt in our minds that the value of visiting a practitioner and being holistically cared for is so intrinsic to healing that we support it 100%. Our products are just a piece of the healing puzzle and we are under no illusion that true healing starts with you. The point of what we do is to ensure that your patients are more connected to you.


Supporting Industry

BioMedica is completely focussed on improving conditions and creating opportunities for health practitioners. Notably our policies such as “strictly practitioner only” and producing “clean” products are directly targeted at practitioners and their patients. However we must also work with the industry to ensure that the practitioners have a voice.

Mentoring Practitioners

Supporting our Profession

At BioMedica we see it as part of our role to invest in the future growth of our profession. As such we are sponsoring a Professional Mentoring Program to encourage practitioners to accept graduates for in-clinic observation and mentoring. Find out more about this initiative or apply for the program here