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More about BioMedica

BioMedica is an Australian owned company dedicated to the research, development and production of world-class natural health products. Our founders and directors are practitioners with over 40 years of successful clinical and industry experience between them, and our dedicated team are all qualified healthcare practitioners. Quality, efficacy and practitioner product design excellence have been fundamental to our growing reputation. BioMedica places a strong emphasis on supporting healthcare practitioners in every facet of their practice including education and seminar programmes, product support, and promoting the financial viability of your business through our stringent 'Practitioner Only' policy.

Highest Quality Assured

All products in the BioMedica range are produced according to Australia’s stringent ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) standards, and comply with strict Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) guidelines – your guarantee of quality, safety and efficacy. 

The Practitioners Choice

The reason why so many practitioners choose to prescribe BioMedica’s unique no to low excipient formulations include: 

  1. Maximisation of clinical outcomes; multiple clinical applications in single formulas 
  2. Practitioner insights plus evidence-based science; ensures superior product formulation 
  3. Successful treatment strategies originate best from a clinical setting, not a marketing perspective 
  4. Being ‘Strictly Practitioner Only’ only qualified healthcare practitioners in a clinical setting have access to our unique formulas

BioMedica's growing reputation is founded upon quality, efficacy and practitioner product formulation excellence. The level of quality, safety and efficacy of our product range is assured and enforced by Australia's stringent Good Manufacturing Practice standards and Therapeutic Goods Administration guidelines. BioMedica is proudly committed to our NO to LOW excipient policy.

We have set the benchmark here in Australia as THE clinician’s brand. Our products are respected and prescribed by leading integrative medicine and complementary therapy practitioners, and we look forward to now being able to offer our range directly to UK practitioners.