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Why BioMedica?


Our story

In 1998, after many years in clinical practice, the need for a truly ‘Practitioner Only’ company, became increasingly evident to BioMedica directors Daniel Baden and Garth Harris. “Like many Australian practitioners today, we became increasingly disappointed and frustrated with so-called ‘Practitioner Only’ products appearing on retail shelves.

Our team

The BioMedica team is dedicated to supporting practitioners in clinical practice, producing the highest quality practitioner products available, providing leading practitioner technical support, and researching and developing clinically relevant educational materials and seminars.


Our focus

Since our inception our focus has been solely on ensuring the viability of practitioners in clinical practice, through both our stringent practitioner only sales policy and BioMedica business model, along with formulating clinically tested and efficacious prescription only products.


Our formulas

We only use the highest quality and most biochemically active raw materials, and combine practitioner insights with evidence-based science to ensure superior product formulation. We choose to manufacture all of our products in Australia to further control quality outcomes.


Latest news

Find out what’s new at BioMedica from new products through to our latest seminar announcement.

Work at BioMedica

Looking to work with a friendly, passionate and ethical team that is dedicated to the natural therapies profession? View our current vacancies here.