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Ongoing Practitioner Education

Ongoing practitioner education is important to BioMedica. We are dedicated to providing practitioners with quality education through our clinically based seminars and events, quality educational materials, and technical support.

Within our Education menu you will have access to an expanding range of educational resources, including technical sheets, articles, podcasts, previous seminars and webinars and technical and clinical resources to provide you with ongoing educational support.



From our webinars and workshops to our live face to face seminars, BioMedica’s education events aim to provide practitioners with quality ongoing education, covering a range of topics and key clinical areas of interest. With a clinically relevant focus, practitioners receive the latest research and information to further develop their clinical skills, and
practical insights that can be immediately integrated into clinical practice.



Research and ongoing education is important to BioMedica. From our monthly education articles through to our technical sheets and Clinical Insights newsletter, we aim to support the role of practitioners by providing a diverse range of technical and clinical resources.


Technical Support

Our technical support team is staffed by fully qualified Naturopathic practitioners, who take great pride in preparing highly researched technical and product information for practitioners. Details on how to contact our technical support team can be found here.