Welcome UK Practitioners

BioMedica is an Australian company synonymous with exceptionally high quality nutraceuticals developed by practitioners for practitioners. Now also based in the UK, BioMedica’s growing reputation is founded upon quality, efficacy, and unique no to low excipient formulations.

BioMedica is strongly dedicated to preserving and enhancing the role of the holistic practitioner through our stringent practitioner only sales policy. The level of quality, safety and efficacy of our product range is assured and enforced by Australia’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and Therapeutic Goods Administration guidelines. GMP quality controls ensure what’s on the label, is what’s in the formula.

Australia’s fastest growing ‘Practitioner Only’ Nutraceutical company, BioMedica’s ‘Strictly Practitioner Only’ products are only available to qualified healthcare practitioners in a clinical setting. We regularly refuse sales to retail stores to protect the interests of our practitioners and you will never find BioMedica products on the shelves of health food stores and pharmacies. Clients must return to repurchase from you, and increased contact helps to grow your business and improve patient outcomes.

“BioMedica’s commitment to their clinician-only stance is why their share of my dispensary is continuing to increase... clients then stay committed to their healthcare journey at my clinic, and start to realise that they cannot substitute the work I do with someone providing them a healthcare service over the counter.” A.V. (Naturopath)

If you are a qualified healthcare practitioner you can apply for access to our practitioner only website, once registered you will be able to view information about BioMedica’s unique products and services, as well as have access to our leading technical support and educational materials.

Ordering BioMedica Nutraceuticals 

BioMedica will now be offering more streamlined ordering via our UK distributors Amrita Nutrition and The Natural Dispensary, and will no longer be offering direct ordering in the UK. We work closely with our UK Distributors to ensure they will have ongoing and adequate stock levels to fulfil all of your prescribing and ordering needs. 


UK Product Guide

The BioMedica product guide contains ingredient, dosage, product size and therapeutic indication information. Download our online BioMedica UK Product Guide here


UK Price List

Please contact your preferred UK Distributor for pricing



Ordering from our UK Distributors

To order BioMedica's leading practitioner formulations in the UK, please contact our UK distributors directly here



More about BioMedica

BioMedica is an Australian owned company dedicated to the research, development and production of world-class natural health products. Our founders and directors are practitioners with over 40 years of successful clinical and industry experience between them, and our dedicated team are all qualified healthcare practitioners. Quality, efficacy and practitioner product design excellence have been fundamental to our growing reputation. Find out more about BioMedica here or email us at info@biomedica.uk.com